I have a very noticeable overbite. I don’t want braces; I will seriously consider them if veneers can correct my teeth. Is this possible, and how many veneers will I need? Bethany from Allentown, PA -Bethany

Thank you for your question.

A cosmetic dentist will explain the results you can expect with veneers versus orthodontics. Your teeth require minimal preparation before a dentist places veneers to prevent them from looking bulky.

A cosmetic dentist must use special techniques and quality porcelain veneers on eight to ten of your upper or lower teeth. We can’t emphasize the importance of having your teeth examined by an experienced cosmetic dentist to determine if veneers suit your case and, if so, how best to treat your overbite. Look for an accredited cosmetic dentist in your area.

Why Would You Need Orthodontics?

Depending on your oral health, jawbone structure, and tooth position, orthodontics may be the healthiest way to restore your smile. A dentist trained in occlusion and bite and cosmetic dentistry will work to establish a healthy mouth and aesthetic smile. Porcelain veneers may improve your smile, but your teeth may not be healthy without aligning your bite.

Without orthodontics, these overbite symptoms may persist:

  • Difficulty chewing and eating
  • Jaw stiffness, locking, or popping
  • Persistent earaches
  • Headaches

Request a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your goals and expectations. After an exam and digital x-rays, the dentist will explain how you can get healthy, beautiful, long-lasting improvement for your smile.