I have worn dentures for seven years, and I am ready to remove the palate from my denture. I hate the hard palate of the denture against the roof of my mouth. It feels like a mouth full of plastic. My dentist reminds me that it is better to have dentures than no teeth at all. I just feel that if I must wear dentures, maybe there is a way to make them more comfortable. My dentist is not helpful, which leads to the question, why is he still my dentist? Long story. But I would like to know if dentures exist with a soft palate. Thank you. Paul M. from Chicago


The palate of a complete denture is firm to ensure it fits well and remains stable when you chew. When “soft” refers to a denture, it means relining (reshaping) the denture with soft materials.

Facts about a soft denture reline:

  • As the shape of your ridge shrinks or changes shape due to missing teeth, a reline helps your denture fit more snugly
  • It resurfaces the upper portion of the denture that touches the root of your mouth and gums
  • It prevents the denture from rubbing on your gums and making them sore

A palateless denture

Dental implants support a palateless denture. Implant dentures can relieve the discomfort of a hard denture palate. A hybrid denture does not have a palate that covers the roof of your mouth. Instead, dental implants support the arch of denture teeth.

  • Placing dental implants for a denture – An implant dentist or oral surgeon can place two to six implants in your jawbone to support your denture, but more implants will increase stability.
  • Improving denture comfort – Although implant dentures cost more than complete removable dentures, they restore your chewing efficiency and feel more like your own teeth.
  • Preserving jawbone – Also, dental implants stimulate your jawbone and help prevent facial collapse.

You can schedule an appointment with an implant dentist to discuss your options.