What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Owasso full-mouth reconstruction is a complex treatment plan of all the restorative procedures you need to enjoy a healthy and well-functioning bite. Depending on your exact treatment needs, your plan may include dental crowns, fillings, implants, or dental bridges. These treatments will replace missing teeth and rebuild damaged ones to give you a smile that looks great and, more importantly, allows you to speak and chew with ease and comfort.

How Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Help You

Full-mouth reconstruction is necessary when there is extensive damage to your teeth. You may need reconstruction if your teeth are so damaged that you cannot chew foods properly or if you frequently suffer from dental pain because of extensive tooth decay, gum disease, an injury, or enamel loss. Such damage is common in people who haven’t been able to take care of their dental health for many years.

Full-mouth restoration may also be an excellent solution for TMJ pain. Restoring lost and damaged teeth will balance out your bite and help your jaw to function better.

In addition to restoring the functionality of your teeth and improving your oral health, full-mouth reconstruction can also have a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Having a beautiful and healthy smile can make you feel more comfortable and confident in social situations and in your personal and professional life.

It’s essential to note that full-mouth reconstruction is a significant investment of time and money, and it’s crucial to work with a skilled and experienced dentist like Dr. Lim, who can guide you through the process and provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

Ultimately, full-mouth reconstruction will make your mouth feel and look better and help you enjoy a better quality of life.

Full-mouth reconstruction can give you confidence in your smile again.

Full-Mouth Restoration in Owasso—What to Expect

First, Dr. Heng Lim will perform a comprehensive dental evaluation. This will include necessary digital dental X-rays and a CT scan of your jaw. Based on his clinical findings, Dr. Lim will tell you which restorative treatments he recommends. He will explain the rationale for his recommendations and let you know what your treatment alternatives are.

After discussing your dental health needs and cosmetic dental preferences, Dr. Lim will draw up your complete treatment plan, and your full-mouth reconstruction process will begin when you’re ready.

This process is not an instant smile makeover. Depending on your unique treatment needs, it can take a few months to completely restore your smile to a state of health. Our team at Life Smiles of Owasso will guide you through each step until you achieve your dental health goals.

Dr. Heng Lim: Owasso’s #1 Restorative Dentist

The skills needed to perform full-mouth reconstruction are not part of the regular dental school curriculum, so Dr. Lim has chosen to pursue additional studies for this complex treatment process. Dr. Lim’s extra education includes studies in neuromuscular dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. This institute is dedicated to training dentists in full-mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry. After a number of courses there, Dr. Lim was awarded Fellow status.

Dr. Lim is also a member of the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics and of the Facial Beauty Institute. These two organizations provide additional perspective into this complex area of dentistry.

Dr. Lim has been treating cases of TMJ pain since 2003, primarily with non-surgical and medication-free methods like full-mouth reconstruction. Additionally, as a dentist who focuses on whole-body health, he recommends restorative dental treatment with a comprehensive view of how it can positively impact the rest of the body.

Take Control of Your Smile and Health

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced dentist who can provide you with a comprehensive and personalized full mouth reconstruction treatment plan, look no further than Dr. Heng Lim in Owasso, OK. With his advanced training, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to patient care, Dr. Lim can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that you’ll be proud to show off. Don’t let dental issues hold you back any longer. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lim by calling (918) 274-3779 or scheduling online. Take the first step towards a confident and vibrant new you!