I’ve always wanted straight teeth but could not afford braces. Now that there are so many brands of braces at home, I am confused about which one to pick. Can you tell me which brands are good and which I should stay away from? Does the doctor there recommend a specific brand? If not, what should I look for in the service description to help me choose a good product? Thank you. Moncie from Brooklyn, NY


Thank you for your question. Most people look for braces at home because they are more affordable than in-office dentist supervision and require no or few visits to a dental office. We will explain why we do not recommend this method.

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Which Braces-at-Home Brands Are Best?

Even the best brands of braces at home are unable to give you the same personalized care as in-person orthodontics. Orthodontists do more than provide you with braces. They do the following:

  • Perform digital x-rays to evaluate your oral health, teeth, and bone
  • Determine why your teeth are misaligned and whether your concerns involve your jaw, teeth, or both
  • Assess which type of braces will give you the best results
  • Decide if an oral appliance other than braces is required to correct your jaw or bite

What Are the Risks of Braces at Home?

The risks of braces at home are related to their limitations and treatment accuracy.

  • Case limitations – Braces at home cannot correct cases of severe alignment and spacing issues. Although a company may claim to improve your teeth, you may not get the desired results and need to continue care with an in-person dentist or orthodontist.
  • Limited adjustment capability – An orthodontist monitors your treatment progress and determines whether your braces need adjustment. These factors require in-person visits and cannot be left to chance or photos alone. In-person visits allow a dentist or orthodontist to check your appliance for fit as you wear it.
  • Damage from inaccurate treatment – Miscalculated changes can damage your teeth, roots, or gums and worsen underlying issues.

Dentists and orthodontists offer options to make treatment affordable without sacrificing quality. Ask a trained dentist about their financial arrangements to help you afford braces. If you cannot afford braces now, avoid taking your oral health into your own hands.